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kodi Iptv, in this article we will learn how to setup our iptv premium subscription on kodi application,
But first let us know some informations about kodi...

What is Kodi

KODI is an open source media player that has come to the fore for both positive and negative reasons in recent months. However, KODI is known as Xbox Media Player and has existed since 2002. In 2014, the XBMC Foundation changed its name to KODI. You can download the KODI App for Android and iOS mobile devices from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. If you want to download the software to your desktop computer or MacBook, you should visit the official website, kodi.tv. Furthermore, the KODI download and installation procedure is very easy and anyone can install it without any problems.

How Kodi Works?

XBMC is a central media storage medium that allows you to store all your content in one place and access it from virtually anywhere. It should be noted that KODI will not provide the media. Users must provide their own content or manually redirect the online environment. Designed with TV viewers accustomed to enjoying the digital environment.

What is KODI? What are the features? Is it legal?

The KODI platform supports almost all audio and video file formats. This gives you the flexibility to open older and newer files with ease. With the help of numerous plug-ins you can publish content from free video services such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Common media formats include KODI, slide shows, weather forecasts, audio visualizations, and so on. supports. Furthermore, KODI can also function as a game console. XMBC has several KODI plug-ins that allow you to browse and launch emulator rom and stand-alone games.

Audio and video playback in Kodi

As we mentioned above, KODI brings extensive support to the entertainment world. Apart from traditional file types, SMB / SAMBA / CIFS shares can play media from NFS, WebDAV, or UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) shares. KODI can also upgrade all standard definition videos to 720p, 1080i and 1080p resolutions.

kodi audio setting
kodi video setting

What are Kodi Plugins?

Add-ons for any software are functions and features that are not included with the basic package. KODI plug-ins have been developed by KODI Team and third-party developers. You can easily find add-ons for different services from the official KODI repository and third-party repositories. KODI has different kinds of plug-ins that can enhance the overall experience of users. Different plugin categories: game, lyrics, video, audio, web interface, weather etc.

Scraper plug-ins allow you to get detailed information of a media from various Internet sources. This information may include titles, genres, comments, posters. Web interface plug-ins allow you to browse your KODI media library from a remote location.

KODI comes with powerful Live TV and DVR / PVR (video recording) features. You can watch Live TV, listen to the radio, record and perform other TV functions using third-party KODI back-end plug-ins or DVRs. For less tech-savvy users, the first time Live TV and recording setup can be difficult. The KODI website has a detailed guide to help enthusiasts. When you’re done, you’ll find TV-related plug-ins to take full advantage of the features.


Kodi Repositories

Repositories are where software is stored and distributed. In simple terms, the concept of ‘stores benzer is similar to the concept of app stores on Android and Apple devices. Repositories are used to download KODI plug-ins. Some of the popular and best KODI repositories are Kodil repository, SuperRepo, Dandy Media, XVBMC repository, Supremacy, and so on. KODI also has an official repository where you can install many add-ons.

What are Kodi Iptv boxes?

Thanks to the exploding sales of the I KODI Box KOD, KODI is becoming increasingly popular. A KODI Box is a stand-alone device that can be connected directly to your monitor or TV. These boxes come with pre-installed applications, so you can run your entertainment center in no time.

kodi box

How To Setup our kodi iptv subscription

Lear how to setup our subscription on all the devices that support Kodi, like Amazon FireStick, smart tv, android boxes, formuler, mag,NVIDIA SHIELD, Windows, Mac, smartphones, and tablets.

1: Download Kodi and install It

2: get our subscription, before it get a Free Trial

free trial

3: Watch Video and Fllow Steps

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