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Codec? What is it?

It is a combination of the words co-mpression and dec-ompression. Codec is a program or algorithm located at the heart of the DVR card. The quality of the code can affect your system’s visual and all other performance positively or negatively. Codecs change in less time than computer processors and all other digital technology products. The old codecs are based on the Huffman algorithm. Like MPEG-4, MPEG-2 and wavelet.
However, in the new generation H.264 codec, the new Arithmetic technology is used together with the Huffman algorithm.

A video codec is an electronic circuit or software that compresses or decompresses digital video. Converts raw (uncompressed) digital video to a compressed format or vice versa. In the context of video compression, ”codec“ is the combination of “encoder” and “decoder”; the only compressing device is typically called an encoder, and the only decompressing device is a decoder.

The compressed data format generally conforms to a standard video compression specification. Compression is usually lossy, which means that the compressed video does not have some information contained in the original video. As a result, the compressed video is of a lower quality than the original, uncompressed video, because there is insufficient information to correctly reproduce the original video.

There are complex relationships between video quality, bit rate data loss (errors, ease of editing, random access to the amount of data used to represent a specified video), complexity of coding and decoding algorithms, sensitivity, and end-to-end latency (latency).

How to install codecs?

For a codec to be used in a system, it must be registered at first. So you don’t have to download it from a place and throw it into the system. .
The name of the Windows application for register is Regsvr32 dir..and it is in the system32 folder .. Using this application, the Codecs are registered.
To register is a kind of address to declare .. So the codec in the location of the code called regedit with regedit numbers are registered to regedit ..
Regedit in a program looking at addresses and uses these codecs.

If you register a code somewhere and take that code to another place, it doesn’t make sense to have that code in the system again. you must register again where you move …

How to Register and Unregister Codecs?

Now we said that the codecs can not be used without registering. After that, that codec is no longer available ..
Unregister that there is a deletion of the record made .. There are simple methods in it .. For example, open a note pad, type regsvr32 / u, and then write the name of the codec, the extension of the different record .bat format and run it in the directory where the codec is codec unregister …

Are Codecs Paid?

Nowadays, almost a lot of Codecs are chargeable.
Some codecs normally seem to be free of charge, but it can not be used in any way because it is paid. This example is the Cyberlink Audio decoder dir..PowerDVD s sound pack with the purchase of the key is not possible to use the cyberlink audio decoder is not possible. editle connections can be made .. Otherwise, it gives protection errors because it protects itself .. The same situation is valid in nvidia and Intervideo also can not be run in any way. Required keys must be entered into regedit ie must be purchased ..
In this way, if a code logically GRF error when connecting with edited, it is known that the codec is charged because it is paid …

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