October 1, 2020

What is Apple TV?

What is Apple TV?

Nowadays, there are serious changes in people’s television viewing habits. Although quite flashy and expensive televisions are produced, the expectations are quite different. Standard television channels don’t mean much anymore, especially for the young audience. In this sense, alternatives such as Netflix, IPTV, Smart TV and Android TV are welcomed with great excitement. Apple TV is also getting ready to join all these special platforms.

Featured Content on Apple TV

Apple TV is a special broadcasting platform that was launched in May this year. Apple TV serves as an application format; It can be monitored from devices such as Iphone, Ipad, Mac. You can also get Apple TV by using smart television technologies. Users who want to benefit from Apple TV without any problem should pay a certain fee. There are many features that make Apple TV attractive and very special. In addition, the presence of some channels that broadcast exclusively on this platform is an important factor in choosing Apple TV. Channels like Showtime, Starz or HBO are just a few of these special channels. Users only pay fees according to the services they choose. It is also possible to buy certain movies or programs at an affordable price.

Contents will be enriched

Apple TV, which is one of the new television viewing platforms, is actually quite a new project. There is already a great interest in the platform that was introduced at the beginning of this year. Apple TV will change the content policy according to the expectations and wishes of the users, but now there is a lot of content that can attract the attention of young people. It seems that these contents will get richer over time. In this case, of course, what kind of policy is followed about price is not known.

Personalize Your Account

Apple TV also offers an awesome personalization. It analyzes what content you are interested in, especially based on your viewing habits and presents the content you may love. Programs or movies from more than 150 online broadcast applications currently on Apple TV come as a suggestion. This makes it much easier to discover content you might like. You can also share your content with your family members by paying a single fee thanks to the feature called “Family Sharing”.

Our TV screens, which we have to watch the same content over and over again, are colored thanks to Apple TV. Apple TV is a small device that can be connected to TVs practically. The small size of the device is very important for the easy use of Apple TV.

Transfer Your Photos and Videos

Another important feature of Apple TV is AirPlay technology that lets you quickly transfer both photos and videos and music to the TV. In addition, you can reach local and national radio frequencies broadcasting directly on the internet. You can also view extremely popular video platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo. If you want to listen to music on iTunes in a pleasant way, you must first set your Turkish language. In addition, the Store settings “Turkey” are duty bound to set in. In order to listen to music on Apple TV without interruption, you must be a member of iTunes Match. Your personal music library and playlists can then be easily viewed on your profile.

Select Icons, Start Fun

Apple TV ekrans main screen has a wide range of icons. These icons will take you to the right content quickly. For example, when you click the movies icon, you can browse the movies in the iTunes Store. Here you will find a selection of classic or current films. In some periods, you can watch movies directly on this digital platform simultaneously with the cinema show days. You can easily select movies with left or right arrow keys. Selecting movies is as easy as rewinding within the movie. In addition, detailed information about each film, poster and trailer can be found on the same page. Some movies offer rental or purchase options, but some of the movies are served free of charge.

30 Day Rental Period

A total of one month is allowed to watch movies with the option to rent on Apple TV. However, there is a 48-hour period as soon as you start watching the film. At the end of 48 hours your rental right will be terminated. There is a certain price difference between normal quality films and HD quality films. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to this detail before renting the film.

Easy to Buy Movies

Apple TV also has the option to purchase some movies. If you want to buy a movie, your right to the movie does not cover a certain period of time. So, whenever you want, you can watch your purchased movie again and again with your loved ones. Purchased movies are offered in high quality. Currently, the purchase prices range from an average of 12 TL to 18 TL. Apple TV has a menu with a wide range of options. For example, when you watch a foreign movie, you can evaluate the original subtitle / original language options. When you press the Fast forward key 3 times, the fast forward speed will be maximized. This feature also applies to rewinding. There are currently some shortcomings related to the Turkish language option; but Apple TV is expected to overcome these shortcomings quickly after start broadcasting in Turkey, literally.

Access Your Files on Your Open Computer

You can also pair your Apple TV with any computer in your home. You can access your Home Sharing computer with Apple TV. Even non-iTunes subscribers can integrate their computers with Apple TV. You don’t even have to touch your computer when you do this. Movies, videos, music, arrays, you can access a lot of content in this way. In the meantime, because Apple TV consumes serious data, those with limited quota need to be careful.

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