October 1, 2020


Smart IPTV

The fact that smart televisions have entered the houses from good to good has led to changes in the way of watching television with high-speed internet access. Worldwide IPTV broadcasts emerged as an alternative to the static and satellite-free broadcast. IPTV, which means that high-quality video can be received over the internet connection, is also widely used in our country. Although the number of free Smart IPTV broadcasts is low due to the high cost of transmission and infrastructure, many platforms that provide IPTV services around the world have consistently free broadcasts.

The operating system on Smart TVs allows the installation of many applications that can make the television unique to the television and the control of the installed applications. Many other applications, especially the Smart IPTV application, allow free Smart IPTV broadcasts and paid IPTV broadcasts to be received over the internet. The channel lists of these applications, which have many advantages in terms of watching the IPTV service received from the providers with high comfort on television, can also be easily edited on the computer. Thus, personalization opportunities are also very high.


Free Smart IPTV Broadcasts

The high-quality transmission of IPTV broadcasts over the internet, and the continuous broadcasting of hundreds of thousands of people necessitates serious infrastructure investments. The main reason for the low number of free IPTV broadcasts is precisely these costs. Although IPTV companies around the world can be quite flexible in terms of fees, it is not possible to talk about the same situation for broadcasts in our country.

Even though free IPTV broadcasts can be maintained in good quality, the limited channel lists cause a significant decrease in the number of users who prefer free providers. This is one of the biggest obstacles in establishing a sustainable structure. Although quite offers an extensive list of channels in Turkey also possible to mention a few have remained free IPTV providers. Free IPTV service for watching broadcasts or other paid satellite – platform broadcasts can cause serious problems such as freezing at the exact match time or at the most important place of other paid programs.

What is the Difference Between IPTV Provider and IPTV Application?

The IPTV broadcast provider is a structure that combines broadcasts received from satellite channels or other platforms into a single list. This presentation can be either a file or a link. The link is not in a format that users can click. It is possible to edit the channel lists via the link, in order to create channel lists and decode the broadcast, an IPTV application is required. Today there are paid applications with a one-time payment and free applications. It is possible that both the IPTV broadcast provider and the IPTV application are free, and many people prefer alternatives where both are free.

What are IPTV Applications?

It is necessary to use the applications in order to be able to decode, store and watch IPTV broadcasts over the Internet. It is possible to divide applications into two, basically paid applications and free applications. Since it is obvious that citizens who insist on watching free IPTV broadcast will not prefer paid applications, it will be useful to explain free applications in detail.

Smart IPTV Application

In the development of the IPTV sector, Smart IPTV application, which is one of the paid applications, has a great place. It is an application that works in almost all operating systems used in televisions and takes place in application markets. A one-time fee of 5.5 € is required to continue using the application after a one-week trial period. Channel lists are updated via file or link. The usage of IPTV service can also be changed depending on where it is received. If more than one IPTV broadcasting service is received, all providers can be connected at the same time and different channel lists can be created.

There is serious support behind it because it is paid. The company that develops the application is very effective in finding a direct solution to any problem. The fact that the problems caused by the application, rather than the IPTV provider, is rarely seen makes the Smart IPTV application much more preferable.

Simple Smart IPTV Application

One of the most popular free IPTV applications is the Simple Smart IPTV application. Many television manufacturers send this application as standard on their television. If it is not installed, it is very easy to access SS IPTV application from the application markets. Paid Smart IPTV application can do all the work of SS IPTV.

After downloading the SS IPTV application to the smart television, the special code received from the settings section is pasted into the field on the official site of SS IPTV and the television and the server are paired. Channel lists in the form of files (M3U) or URL can be uploaded to the television via the official site. For constantly changing channel lists, uploading by URL makes more sense than uploading by file. Simple Smart IPTV application has a very simple interface and therefore has a high usage rate.

More Apps by IPTV

Individually developed and limitedly supported applications are also available. These applications can also be used for uploading channel lists, but it is not recommended to be preferred due to the fact that the support is relatively inadequate, compatibility problems, subtitle sync problems, the number of people using it, and application market support is limited. Smart IPTV and SS IPTV applications are recommended by companies providing IPTV worldwide services. These two applications, which have a wide range of support, can be used with peace of mind to watch high-quality internet broadcasts. The fact that the problems experienced in solving the problems caused by the application interfere with the pleasure of watching television for days confines the use of the IPTV applications except for the two so-called applications to a very limited area.

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