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IPTV USA welcomes you, if you are a american, or you love the American channels, that our service iptv sat premium, offers you all the premium and live American channels and vod, all the english channels, USA channels and UK channels and Canadian channels and austauralian channels, and vod, and if you interesting of the spain or french or any language, or country you want, just tell us and we will add it to you.


 We offer you all the premium and paid channels, kids channels, live shows, news, movies, documentary,...and more, all this on IPTV SAT, the best premium iptv on the word.

 We offer you also the best support if you faced any problem, or if you needed our help, all what you have to do is just send us a message on our email or our whatsapp, 

And we offer you also the best end fast servers anti-freezing technology for uninterrupted streaming, and a high quality watching 4K ULTRA HD, 

And finally the amazing pricing, its only 10$ for month, if you want a 30 days for trial you can get it.


Even if you want a free trial for 24h we offer that also,

 The popular plan we have that almost our customers did is that subscription for one year, with only 58$, then you can save 62$ on your wallet, that means 50%.

And we have also the perfect plan, and its also, a lot of our customers subscribe with is for 2 years, with only 98$, its really perfect ,then if you calculate it you will save 142$, that means 60% its really perfect for you,

 And the VIP perfect is for 5 years subscription, with only 200$, what the hill?

 are you kidding me?

 No I'm serious 5 years with only 200$, and have enjoying tv for 5 years, if you did that subscription you will save 400$, is 70% discount.

 What are you waiting for....

 Get your plan now! but before, we give you a free trial 24h

 But if you want a 30 days trial you can subscribe for only 10 $ just contact us

About Iptv Usa Channels

Among the most important channels, your favorite TV channels are now on our playlist. With our  iptv premium subscriptions, you can watch many usa iptv channels in categories such as news, cinema, nature, sports and entertainment.

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How to use IPTV USA?

First of all, an extended list of channels you can enjoy in accessing IPTV 4K ULTRA HD, you can check out all the channels that you have and any TV AND MOVİES AND MORE TV CHANNELS.

Here’s what you need to do to use iptv channels …

If you want to use iptv lists on your computer.

You need to use VLC Media Player. 

How Does? 

How to install our Iptv Usa Subscription in your computer

You can easily set up  our subscription and enjoy iptv in your home in a unique way.

Follow the steps below to watch online TV.

VLC Media Player

Download Click HERE and right click on the downloaded m3u playlist and open vlc player it together.

After opening the M3u playlist, you can select the channel as shown.

VLC Media Player is a free, multi-platform media player, so you can use it regardless of your PC’s operating system. However, you can play most audio and video formats in addition to different lists without having to install IPTv m3u. codec or additional plugin. After you install VLC Media Player, you can start watching your favorite tv program in a very simple way

Launch VLC Media Player and access the media menu. Then click Open Network Streaming. In the box that appears, in the Enter URL box: Type the M3U link that we gave you. Then, click the Play button. After a few seconds, the programming of the channels starts playing.

Which apps on the phone can watch iptv?

With the following applications, you can watch it as you wish.

 The most famous VLC Media Player is easily watched on both your desktop computer and your phones. 

 We shared only 10 of the most famous iptv monitoring apps.

  1.  IPTV Smarters (iOS and Android)
  2. tivimate Player (Android and ios)
  3. Kodi (Windows, Mac, Android and iOS)
  4. Rosadin TV (Windows)
  5. Wiseplay (Android and iOS)
  6. IPTV Pro apk (Android)
  7. VLC Player (Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android)
  8. OttPlayer iptv (iOS, Android, Smart TV, Windows, MacOS)
  9. SSIPTV (Smart TV, Android and Windows)
  10. Smart IPTV (Smart TV, Android and Windows PC)

How to install our Iptv Usa subscription in Android?

You can watch every television channel online thanks to your android device mobile or tablet or tv or box

We will tell you how to use our iptv subscription. How to install our iptv on android phones that came now?

 1:First of all you need to have is your android phone, or tablet, or tv, or box . 

 2:Download one of the applications we have given above.

EXAMPLE : iptv smarters in Google Playstore.

3: Get the login informations from our subscription (we give a free test before you subscribe)

4: Watch and following video

How to install our Iptv Usa subscription in Apple(IOS) devices

Apple company’s products iphone, ipad, apple tv products with ios iptv monitoring for the first thing you have to do is to have one of these devices, tablet, smartphone or apple tv step by step what I need to do in the article. 

 1:Sign in to Apple Store.

 2:Choose which app you will be watching with iptv and download.  Example: IPTV smarters 

3: Get the login informations from our subscription (we give a free test before you subscribe)

 4:Watch and following video.

How To Install Our Iptv Usa Subscription On FireStick

First off download one the the iptv players 

in this tutorial we propose iptv smarters pro

to install IPTV Smarters on FireStick (also Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Cube, & FireStick 4K)

1: Download IPTV SMARTERS PRO and insall it

2: Get the login informations from our subscription (we give a free test before you subscribe)

3: Watch and following Video.

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